Sump Tank

What is a Sump tank and why do people use them?

This is a common question I’ve seen in aquaponics forums. There are a few possible reasons for using a sump tank but they are primarily a plumbing device and water level fluctuation control device.

For instance, in an aquaponics system design, if your grow . . . → Read More: Sump Tank

Low Pressure Automated Valve

Valve contraption

Some might ask me how I manage to use an indexing valve on my big system CHIFT PIST set up when my pump runs constantly. Well this might not be the best layout for using an indexing valve but I’m managed to make it work.

valve insides

I designed . . . → Read More: Low Pressure Automated Valve

New Fish Tank

After about a year of operation I wanted to make some improvements to my Big Aquaponics system. I decided I wanted to do Constant Height In Fish Tank, Pump In Sump Tank (CHIFT PIST) operation. I had been dealing with the need to clean my pump trap quite often and that didn’t line up with . . . → Read More: New Fish Tank