New Catfish Fingerlings

It took a really long time but we finally got our new batch of catfish fingerlings.

I know I’m strange but I can be mesmerized watching water flow and watching fish is even more fun. So, I thought I’d share some video.


These guys are little but they will be big enough to eat in less than a year though we sometimes keep them longer and harvest really big fish.

2 comments to New Catfish Fingerlings

  • Robert Sirbu

    Hi TCLynx. Where do you get your tanks/grow beds from? I am starting out and just bought some IBC totes. I am still doing research. Thanks, Robert.

    • TCLynx

      The rubbermaid stock tanks I get from Tractor supply.

      The blue fish tank I have, I sell, it’s made by a plastics company here in Florida.

      IBC’s are good too, just make sure to protect the plastic from the sun so it doesn’t get brittle and crack on you.

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