Friday Fish Rodeo

I think this Friday June 22, 2012 may be the day to start moving channel catfish from the Big aquaponics system over to the new farm and the first 1000 gallon fish tank.

I only have one IBC and inverter set up to use for hauling fish so I will probably only move about half the fish at a time and the second half of the fish will have to wait a week or two before they will get moved unless some one can volunteer their truck with an IBC (large hole cut out of top) as well as a large inverter and battery to run a second air pump so we could get them all moved in one shot. I could pay in fish.

Now doing the move in two stages is probably a fine thing so the new system gets some time at half load of fish to settle in before the second half of the fish come over. All the towers and media inserts came out of existing systems but it is still taking a little over 24 hours after dosing with ammonia for both ammonia and nitrite to fall back to 0. However, I think we are almost there since the pH dropped below 7 today and I expect I will have to buffer come tomorrow.

Anyway, if you can offer a fish hauling vehicle/tank/inverter let me know before Friday. (By the way for those who don’t know, this will be taking place in Tangerine FL and Yalaha FL.)

Moving is such a huge task.

2 comments to Friday Fish Rodeo

  • Steve

    Het TC,
    Good luck on the fish move….I don’t envy you a bit.
    Hope all goes smoothly, and that you and the fishes adjust well and don’t get too stressed

    • TCLynx

      We moved 41 catfish in part A of the Big system move and all seem to have survived the transport. There should be about 20 fish left in the old big system.

      So, since I had 14 fish in the new big system (which will be NB900T from now on) it now contains 55 fish. There are 48 towers hanging and there are a bunch of tower media inserts down in the trough under the hanging towers so I will have cycled up media to pull into towers to hang once I add the additions.

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