Aquaponics Sale

Cycled up Aquaponics media, cycled up Aquaponic Zipgrow tower media, system water, mint, pond plants, duckweed all available in Central Florida.
Big Moving Aquaponics sale. Need buffer shells? I have those.

This special is for Central Florida since live media doesn’t ship well. Shipping companies don’t like dripping packages and if you seal it up tight, then the bacteria dies.

Anyway, this is to celebrate the Aquaponics move still in progress. today we moved a bunch of big catfish and it seems to have gone successfully (at least so far, I need to wait a week to make sure stress doesn’t take any fish out slowly.)

The new big aquaponics system now has fish and new seedlings started so it seems more official to me now as opposed to just cycling up before.

We have media to wash now so I can get a media bed Aquaponics system set up soon too.

The new Farm is in Yalaha, FL 34797
If interested in visiting please contact me, farm tours are by appointment only for the time being. The place is still a mess while I work on setting up systems but now there are some Aquaponics systems to see so I feel I can let there be visits.

4 comments to Aquaponics Sale

  • Dennis Craig

    Hello I am looking into making a small system in my back yard. I live in eustis fl. I have been talking to the hydroponics guy on 441 in Tavares. Would love to come see your system and learn what I can before I start. I have been reading everything I can find on the net.
    Dennis Craig

  • Endik


    I’m from Indonesia. I’m interesting to implement your articles in my country. Do you have specific detail how to implement it?

    Thanks & regards,

    • TCLynx

      I’ve had to remove the links you posted because that company and e-book use affiliate marketing practices I can’t endorse. I have actually found sites using pictures from MY systems without my permission to market their products. I can’t support that.

      Now if you want me to provide specific detail of how to implement my methods in your particular situation, you can pay me to consult. I’m providing much information free of charge right on my web site. However, providing specific details on implementation requires me to spend hours finding out from you exactly what you want to do, where you want to do it and the specific requirements of your entire situation. And then draw up designs and plans and spend hours more explaining them and answering questions or re-doing everything when you decide you have changed your mind about something. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time to do all that for free. There is lots of information available for free and there are even free PDF manuals that will tell you step by step how to build an IBC system or Barrel system. I suggest if you need a free way to get started, Look up the IBC of Aquaponics and the Barrel Ponics Manual, they are both very good free resources. Then you can go to one of the many online forums (Like Backyard Aquaponics) to get help and recommendations from others practicing aquaponics. You can even post pictures of your plans and get help figuring out the best way to do things in your situation.

      You just can’t expect Detailed help if you don’t provide detailed information about your specific situation.

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