New Products

Been so busy setting up the farm I haven’t had much time to post about new Aquaponics products I have available.
Please take a look around the web site and look through the products pages.

Rail Troughs,  tower troughs, tower stands

Rail Troughs, tower troughs, tower stands

Like what’s in this picture, I can sell any of it. The parts to build tower stands and liner troughs, the liner the clamps and the plants, the towers, etc.
So if I haven’t already set up paypal buttons for things, please ask me. I’m easy to contact though the web site comments here or the contact tab.

The Farm is growing and the aquaponics systems are getting set up. I believe that once I get the media bed system running I’ll feel like I really have aquaponics here since I started with media beds that just seems more real to me I guess.

With the new aquaponics systems I’m testing out some new pumps and will be setting up a new blower. Just contact me if there is something for aquaponics you need and I don’t have it listed on the site here yet.

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