July 5, 2015 weekly update

The 4th of July has passed and the dogs survived the fireworks. I guess that means the dog days of summer are here at our central florida farm.

Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass seems to be a plant that Loves the heat. The challenge with growing here in inland Central Florida is finding crops . . . → Read More: July 5, 2015 weekly update

TCLynx Blog index

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Learning About Aquaponics. Recommended First Reading.

Basic Media Bed Aquaponic Design. Cycling up a new system. Recommended Stocking Levels vs Max Stocking Levels. Aquaponics is it simple or complex? Aquaponics is it simple or complex 2. Aquaponics is it simple or complex 3.

. . . → Read More: TCLynx Blog index

Aquaponics in the Open

Not all aquaponics requires a greenhouse. If you live in a sub tropical or tropical climate a greenhouse has some challenges that might be easier to deal with by skipping the greenhouse in some cases.

There is far more to an effective greenhouse environment than simply a plastic cover. In a hot climate a simple . . . → Read More: Aquaponics in the Open

Aquaponics Association Conference 2011

I will be one of the classroom speakers for the Aquaponics Association Conference in Orlando, Florida, September 2011. I will be teaching about basic plumbing and teaching tips for plumbing a mixed type aquaponics system together in case you are thinking of mixing media beds, rafts or NFT all into one system, I . . . → Read More: Aquaponics Association Conference 2011