Been Busy

Hay Guys sorry I’ve been too busy to do much in the way of pictures or video lately.

The Zipgrow Tower system has expanded to 40 towers.

I’m frantically trying to get enough seedlings grown up to fill up all my new Zipgrow towers so I can start providing fresh herb Towers to the market. Keeping a steady supply of the right size seedlings coming on is a skill I’ve not yet mastered. I’m working on systems for that as well.

I love the capillary matting and I’ve got a mini seed starting rack going that has 12 of my “mini-wicki-rafts” (I’ll have to go into that one later) on it and sits in a mortar tub and with the help of a one or two watt table top fountain pump and a strip of wicking mat I’ve got a good way to start lots of mini soil blocks.

I’ll have to do a Soil Block post sometime soon too. That one should be video I expect.

I’m working on another new idea for a grow bed which I’ll post about when it’s finished and I see if it will past the first test of filling it with water and media (gotta make sure it won’t collapse immediately before I give anyone else a chance to try it.)

Other new and exciting things happening, new possible products to test. Putting up a mini hot house to start seeds in (gotta have a way to keep the critters out of my seed starting.) Will need to upgrade the duck system again soon as the kiddie pools are failing. And we are getting into the cool season which is great for gardening here in Florida.

So I hope you all will forgive me for having been lax about getting the video and picture blog posts out but I hope to have some good new ones coming soon.

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