Going to Market

All right this is the eve of my first trip to Market with Aquaponics stuff and Lufa. I’ll be At Renningers Flea Market (up the hill from the Antique Market) in Mount Dora, Florida tomorrow (Sat, 11/26/11.) I’ll be out in the Field Row 7 space 3. White Truck with White tarp up over it and Zipgrow towers around. Lufa sponges galore.

Hopefully this turns out to be a great opportunity to explain aquaponics and how the Zipgrow towers can be used and sell a few lufa and perhaps some other stuff.

I do hope I’m able to come back tomorrow evening to report good results.

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  • Oh, definitely keep plugging away at this. You can’t help but make it more efficient each time you tweak it!
    Everyone who sees it, however casually, takes away the overall image. If they get in a conversation some time later they can point someone back to you who is looking for just what you are offering.
    Can’t tell what your main thrust is though. Got a picture of your whiteboard? Are there fish in the stock tank?


    • TCLynx

      The white board has the definition of aquaponics as well as a nitrification chart done by JT http://theaquaponicsgarden.com
      And then there are pictures of Catfish and me harvesting lufa and info about Lufa

      I also have some print outs showing pictures of some small tower systems with prices and I have a table with some aquaponics stuff like pumps and valves and uniseals etc as well as the lufa hanging for sale. But the main goal was to get the towers out there to be seen and they definitely drew lookers and a few produce buyers.

      No, I didn’t transport any fish since that would be an awful lot of handling and learning from Green Acre’s experience (they started out taking goldfish to market for the display system and found that they just kept killing goldfish and finally just got stickers of fish for the tank.)

      Now if I were to get a market Trailer where the fish tank could stay perm on the trailer and when I get home I would just plug in, well then I would take fish to market for display. My catfish are just way not into handling any more than absolutely necessary, I tend to leave the bluegill alone too and I don’t currently have any goldfish to abuse.

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