Random ramblings and Spam comments

Ok a common random comment I see to get on here and I suspect is it really just spam but if some one really does like my blog that much and really wants to ask me questions about the development, then please just use the contact form, (it is the in the middle of the menue tabs right next to services) since I don’t feel that is on topic with the general theme of aquaponics and growing food. If you are actually serious about wanting help with the web site, I know some people who might be willing to help that I could put you in touch with.

I write about this topic because I am passionate about helping people grow food. I get such a wonderful feeling of empowerment from eating meals grown and prepared on site that I just want to share that with the world!

It is also a fun hobby, I’m a tech sort of person who enjoys fine tuning an aquaponics system to get it working as smoothly as I can. Problem with aquaponics is, once you get a well designed system running smoothly, there isn’t much left to do beyond feed the fish and harvest plants, sprinkle a few seeds so I get board and either expand the big system or build a new system. Somebody please hire me soon to build an aquaponics or duckaponics system for you because I’m starting to run out of good places for aquaponics systems in my yard. 🙂

I’ve had a few requests for articles lately.

One was for details on my little tip for distributing water flow in the tops of towers. I’ll take some pictures to round that one out since it is such a simple method, that I smack myself in the head for not figuring it out sooner. So watch for that post to come out soon.

The other was for more technical details about how I got the web cam up. Now this will be a little trickier to write about since every situation will be a little different depending on home internet service, web host, web page design, and the particular camera hooked up. I will tell a little but I probably won’t get too in detail yet as I’m hoping to hook up more cameras and I’ll probably need to figure out some different methods to manage more than one camera. So watch for that soon too.

I’m still working on the stock tank a ponics kit. If anyone wants one ASAP, just use the contact form or get a hold of me any way you know. I’ll work out specific details for a kit designed for your situation so you can get going on you system. Kits will definitely include a indexing valve, (if appropriate to your install), repeat cycle timer, water pump, gravel guards, and uniseals. I’m still sorting out what of these other items should be included in the basic kit. Rubber couplers, top up float valve, and possibly the odd plumbing adapters.

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