Funny Ducks


Here is for those people who didn’t get to see the Duck TV web cam today before it got too dark.
Here is the Funny Ducks video or Ducks biting water as it were. These are two young Female Muscovy Ducks. They are about full grown but I think their coloring may still change a bit. The are swimming in the duckaponics tank and the water is coming from an auto siphon from the two tall water tanks next to it. The water then flows out through a gravel bed on the ground and the pump lifts the water up again. This duckaponics system has made my life so much easier by cleaning and circulating the duck water so I don’t need to dump and replace it every other day. And the ducks so enjoy the flowing water. The duckaponics system runs on a repeat cycle timer running a 50 watt water pump. The pump runs for about eight minutes then is off for about ten then repeats.

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