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Testing out Duck TV (and chickens too, they all like the duck-a-ponics system)
If you like Duck TV and want to see Fish TV, please donate to the fund so I can afford some live web cameras for the fish tanks.

This is a live web cam I’m just testing out. Calling it Duck TV cause that sounds cool but it will probably show chickens too and not much when they all wander around to the front yard. Anyway, the view is of the corner of the back yard where the duck-a-ponics bed is in the distance are a couple water tanks and by that the galvanized stock tank that is the duck pond. Keep in mind that duck-a-ponics is not appropriate for growing salad greens for us people to eat. Seeing as ducks and chickens can carry some of the same pathogens that could make us sick, we should avoid mixing their fresh manure into system meant to feed us any raw or under cooked food. I use the duck-a-ponics as a way to keep the water fresh for the ducks and chickens and I grow greens for the birds in that system.

Anyway, I’m hoping Duck TV will be a big enough hit that I need to turn this post into it’s own page. Please comment and/or ask questions (of course I will not approve off topic comments unless I know the poster) and donate so I know I should continue the project and work to get some FISH TV going too.

what say you all? I hope my internet connection can handle this. Who wants Fish TV? Remember underwater cameras are going to cost more than the average USB live web cam (I can’t very well leave a computer out sitting on the fish tank.)

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5 comments to Duck TV-post

  • Sminfiddle

    Click HERE and the Web-actuated feeder will drop some pellets in front of the camera.
    Choose your method of payment, it will be charged $4.97 per Duck Snack.
    Void where prohibited by law. Feeder will not activate more than 5 times per hour (but it’ll still go on your bill).

    Download the TCLynx DuckSnack App for $1.99 and feed them from your phone!

  • Sminfiddle

    U R the best duck momma ever – I can tell they love that water park / salad bar setup. I briefly saw ducklings enjoying the trough, but I’m betting you have an overflow contingency for when it’s blocked by duckette butt.

  • TCLynx

    open trough with pipe just laying in it. If too much duck blocks it (and doesn’t turn it into a duckling water slide) it will just flow out the back end, both ends are open or over the top.

    Definitely a great water park for them.

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