New additions to site

Announcing some new additions to the web site.

I’ve added the Live Web Cam pages and Duck TV has been live for a few days. I will be adding more pages as I get more cameras up online.

I am also adding more information pages to Aquaponics In Detail as a sub page of Aquaponics Home. So far I’ve added a page of my Useful Aquaponics Diagrams and Some Water testing Videos
Watch for more information to be added to those pages, or better yet, ask questions to get me to add the information you want most. Comments are open on those pages.
I’ve already been informed that I should re-do the audio on the water testing videos to bring up the level and I’ll try to get on that ASAP.

On the right hand side of my pages I’ve added some new links to Affnan’s blog as well as some links to The Aquaponics Garden

Those are the announcements for today. Watch for more tomorrow.

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