Techstration that is tech x frustration

So I’ve been spending hours trying to figure out how to make a fish cam.  Well it isn’t the fish cam itself that is frustrating me.  It is how to get it up on the web that I’m struggling with.

So far I don’t think most of my problems actually have anything to do with the camera or the camera software or even the router really.  99% of it seems to be the darn firewall!!!!  Sigh.  So the post tonight will be short so I can keep struggling.  Ah, but it will feel so good once I get it all figured out.

2 comments to Techstration that is tech x frustration

  • Jeff G

    I think I’m undergoing TCLynx-withdraw syndrome….stupid firewalls;)


  • TCLynx

    LOL, Sorry Jeff, been pretty busy and it’s distracted me from writing. I’ve a hand full of odd different projects going right now and very little has been going on in the fish tanks.

    300 gallon system has been upped to 14 fish. Big system is sitting with 70 fish.

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