If I wrote a book?

Who would want it?

What if it was just a compilation of what I’ve been saying for the past 5 years plus what I’ve been learning lately packaged into a single document?

I’ve been teaching Aquaponic Plumbing and basic system design/layout for a few years now and I’ve been writing blog posts and answering questions in basic straight forward language for the backyard enthusiast for years. Much of this knowledge I learned simply for the cost of my time reading and reading right on the internet and then of course there has been my trial and error experience of applying that knowledge to my own aquaponic projects over the years. I’m not a doctor or professor, I hand to pay with my own money for my research, oh the fool is me. This would not be an academic book, but more like a general manual to the bigger than barrels backyard aquaponic design with some details on water chemistry, fish, and plant care thrown in.

Are you interested?

  • Aquaponics in a Nutshell by the Aquaponic Nut Case TCLynx
  • Let me know.

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