August 2014 Update

August 10, 2014

Farm has been basically shut down for the past month. Pumps are still running, fish are still getting fed but all we have really been doing is cleaning and making sure the animals are all doing fine. Little to no veggie planting or harvesting has been going on and no marketing. It is too hot here this time of summer for most of that and the raft beds/towers are bare.

Starting to think about fall planting, have ordered seeds and planted the first trays of lettuce for the rafts.

Baby is almost 5 months old and hopefully next month it will be more reasonable to get outside to do more planting/harvesting activities in something greater than 10-15 minute blocks of time. Been too hot and buggy lately and at sub 6 months I’m not comfortable using any sort of insect repellants on either of us yet.

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