July 2015 Monthly update

Happy 4th of July everyone!
Farm is good, family is great, just trying to keep up with my beautiful 16 month old son.
We are into the heat of summer and in Florida that means it is too darn hot for most of the vegetables under traditional conditions. Many farms just put in cover crops and take this time for farm cleaning and vacations. Aquaponic growing does have the advantage of consistently available water to help us get through but many crops still just can not take it. Here at Aquaponic Lynx LLC we are managing to keep lettuce growing by harvesting smaller but have given up on the kale, collards, and celery for the season. There may still be a Fer tomatoes hanging on but I’m just hoping we can revive the plants for fall production. Eggplant seems to love the season as does the basil. The lufa vines in the wicking beds are taking off.
Over the next six weeks I need to do the annual raft bed vacuum operation, still seeking an efficient method for doing this.
This past week I decided to set Up yalaha.locallygrown.net an online local market where local farmers can list products and members can order those products and pick them up at one convenient location. But it is all very flexible so we can adjust the locations and schedule or even add delivery if it makes sense to the members. The fees for the software and hosting services are very reasonable and only get charged as a % of actual sales.
If you are local to me, please check out yalaha.locallygrown.net
If you are not local check out locallygrown.net

That is all for now, I will try to bring better about posting more often in the future.

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