40 and 4 Months

That is I Just turned 40 years old and I’m 4 Months Pregnant. This brings a whole new meaning to trying to live healthy and eat healthy which is very related to the topic of Aquaponics and Home food production.

When trying to eat healthy for pregnancy avoiding pesticides is of high concern. While some portions of the food/medical establishment might still claim the jury is out about the benefits of Organic food over chemical agriculture, almost everything that makes diet/nutrition recommendations for pregnant women will recommend Organic especially for the fresh fruit/veggie part of the diet. With Fresh Leafy greens being an important part of nutrition for pregnancy it is nice to know that Aquaponic greens are generally quite free of chemical pesticides.

Now I know you can’t really “Prove” a negative, however, here is a little bit of evidence of the lack or chemical residues on Aquaponically grown produce.
Lettuce Chemical Residue Report

Basil Chemical Residue Report

Chives Chemical Residue Report

Another benefit to note, I am not only eating the produce but I am the one farming it. If you don’t think pregnant mommies are supposed to eat chemical residues, do you think they are supposed to be handling lots of possibly toxic chemicals? NO! Part of the reason I prefer growing using the most NON-Toxic methods possible is because I don’t want to be handling or spraying toxic stuff. That also includes the “organic certified” toxic pesticides. Just because some of the plant based stuff is certified “organic” doesn’t always mean it’s “safe”. There are organic toxins that can kill fish and be bad for people too. By using only fish safe methods I am keeping things as safe as possible for myself too.

Add to that the fact that by growing healthy foods one tends to eat better and the activities around the farm are good exercise. Finally, one of my favorite benefits I like to share with everyone, growing some of your own food is EMPOWERING. The feeling of well being one can gain from eating food you grow yourself is SOOOOO great that I always want to share it with everyone. No matter how minimal your efforts everyone can do a little bit to grow some food and every little bit can help improve the world.

4 comments to 40 and 4 Months

  • Joe Fisher

    Just great!

    For having the privilege of touring your farm and getting to know you more over time (although it hasn’t been but a year so far). My immediate feeling would be what a great family environment to grow up in! I’d have loved it as a child. And to be able to harvest and eat some of the best grown and flavor full vegies as well!

    In todays world I feel a lot of us take for granted how good natures food can be. From our own experience what we can grow ourselves far out weighs flavor wise what we can pick up at a local market for the most part.

    Thanks for all you do, and share with us all!

    Looking forward to the blogs of the best made kale baby food recipe!

    – Joe

  • George F. Rowe

    Congrats to you all. Will be praying for you & the baby.

  • Barbara Rocker

    You are about to discover just how much a human heart can love. You are about to meet God in person. L’chaim!

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