Aquaponic Lynx LLC Farm products

  • Available at the Lake County Farmers Market at the Fairgrounds in Eustis, FL. My Booth is out past the back of the Pavilion near the road.
  • Available at the farm by appointment (Please let me know if you would like a regular weekly pickup or delivery of my produce, Use my contact form.)
  • Available at the Olive and Granola vendor’s booth at the Brownwood Market Saturday Mornings at the Villages.
  • BlueBayou Has a raft of my lettuce hooked up to their fountain this year.
  • We do have lettuce and are working on expanding growing space for the cool weather crops for this fall The Kale and Celery is starting to get harvested a little bit while the basil harvest is tapering off. Chives, French Tarragon, Aloe Vera, and papyrus plants are in abundant supply. Mosquito fish are available if you let me know ahead of time that you want them (takes a few minutes to catch them and bag them.)

    I may have Catfish and/or bluegill available as fingerlings or if you bring a cooler of ice you can take a large one home to eat. Sorry, we can’t legally clean it for you. Please check ahead with me to make arrangements for getting fish since we need to confirm availability of the appropriately sized healthy fish as well as transport methods and a place for the fish once you get them home.

    4 comments to Aquaponic Lynx LLC Farm products

    • De Black

      I would hope that in the future you would offer shipping for fingerlings at some reasonable rates. I am interested in perch and catfish for stocking my small aquaponics effort. Untill them ,keep up the good work. De

      • TCLynx

        Rates for shipping are not really mine to set. (Anyone offering cheap or free shipping on fingerlings is likely jacking up the price of the fingerlings to cover the shipping.) Packaging and shipping for live animals is often dictated by the shipping company and water is heavy.

        Perch are not a type of fish I would be able to sell since they are not a native option for me here.

        I actually recommend you get fingerlings as locally as possible so that you will have fish that are appropriate for your climate. There are many fish farms that supply fish for stocking of farm ponds, finding a farm relatively local where you can buy fingerlings is likely to save you money on the fish as well as on the transport.

    • de black

      tclynx I just received via the US postal service,25 live fish. All in great shape. Shipped from your state, Monday AM to Wash. state ,where the temp. is around 20 degrees. Included were a heat pack and an oxy. tablet. Im sure the cost to the sender was no more than $10.00.The cost of fish remained at less then average. These people are thinking above the norm. I send this to you as a help item ,as I am fond of your efforts. Keep moving ahead. De

      • TCLynx

        Well, When I contacted the USPS to find out what I would need to do to make sure they would accept live fish for shipping.
        1- had to be shipped via express mail and brought in early in the week to ensure it would arrive and not sit in the post office over a weekend.
        2- Had to be packaged in a bag plus a liner/box that can not possibly leak with enough absorbent material to absorb ALL the water should the bag leak. (this means a fairly large box to contain that much absorbent material.)
        3- Water is heavy and if I were to try shipping 25 channel catfish of the size I have in my fingerling system right now…. To ship across country I would probably have to ship them in probably 5 separate boxes of at least 3 gallons each (that would be 5 boxes at probably 20 lb each, I can guarantee you that would cost more than $10 in packaging let alone the shipping.)

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