TCLynx Newsletters Update

Hi all and thank you for your patience as I get some updated software figured out. I promise the amount of posts are likely to settle down a bit here shortly as I get caught up and sort out how it all works (I teach myself web design and website management in my spare time which I haven’t had much of lately.)

Anyway, I have set up several separate newsletter e-mail lists. This post is an exception that I am sending out to ALL lists or at least I’m going to try to, I am still figuring out how to get the software to work with the templates. It is possible I’m gonna wind up sending several duplicates because of this so I apologize if you get duplicates this time. For the most part I will try not to duplicate posts on the separate lists so if you want to get EVERYTHING I suggest you sign up for all the lists. If you don’t like getting e-mails from me very often, I suggest you sign up for only the weekly updates or monthly articles so you won’t get bombarded whenever I randomly post to my blog or make a new product available. I have also created a list for those who want to be notified of Volunteer or work days at my farm.

My original newsletter sign up list default became the Weekly Updates list so any of you who signed up more than a week ago are likely on the Weekly Updates list unless you have changed it or asked me to change it for you.

You may sign up here (well this form probably only works if you go to the web site to view this post, probably doesn’t function directly in an e-mail, not actually sure though.)
[xyz_em_subscription_html_code id=1]

If you are already signed up but want to unsubscribe, go ahead and use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail or contact me and I can do it for ya. By the way, if I get a message back saying sending failed for whatever reason, I will probably unsubscribe you since I assume your e-mail address entered doesn’t work or you have blocked me. If you stop getting my newsletters, it might be because your mail server or program is blocking me or has decided I’m junk. If you never get my newsletter, it could be because of a typo when you entered your e-mail address so it doesn’t work or if you signed up in person at my farm and I couldn’t read your writing…….. sorry, please sign up again.

What the different lists are;
Products and Posts; That will be any time I post to my blog and I don’t mark it as one of the other lists. You will get notified if I post a random comment on my blog or if I make a new product available etc.
Weekly Updates; I will try to do a weekly update about goings on at the farm, perhaps crops or produce available at the farm and more general farming stuff including possible weekly schedules of markets and the like.
Monthly Articles; These I will try to keep more strictly to aquaponics or what I may consider to be aquaponic related and will be longer and more educational in nature.
Volunteering; Here is where I’ll post farm work day and volunteering opportunities.

Again, Thank You for your patience with me and I apologize if I’m bombarding any of you with too much e-mail. I promise it will settle down here shortly and you can also unsubscribe and then re-subscribe to a more appropriate list for your interests.

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