Rail Bed Rig Liner and Clamp Kit

This is the Kit to build one of these rail bed rigs
Hybred Rail Bed Rigs

The kit comes with the metal clamps (with nuts and bolts) as well as the the liner and plastic snap clamps to attach the liner and the rail bed system build manual and rail bed system plumbing manual. The Manuals to be sent in electronic form. (You do need to add the manuals to your cart separately since they are a download and if there is some one out there who already has the manuals, you can get the Liner and clamp kit separate.)

You would need to provide your own;
Fish tank (something between an IBC up to a 300-400 gallon stock tank or fish tank would be appropriate)
1 3/8″ metal fence rails (12 ten foot long sticks will give you an extra one just in case)
a 4′ section of cattle panel or other sturdy welded wire fencing of aprox the same size (you want a square or rectangle as close to 4′ by 4′ as you can manage.)
All plumbing and tubing
Water pump
Air pump and air stones
Rafts if you will use them
And tools (detailed in the manuals)
Only Mandatory power tool is the drill to cut the holes for the plumbing fittings. It is possible to do everything else with hand tools though some things are much easier with an angle grinder or power saw of some type.

2 comments to Rail Bed Rig Liner and Clamp Kit

  • George F. Rowe

    how long a trough will your kit make—-i’m looking for the cost of a 40′ trough, & what is the liner??

    • TCLynx

      Well the rail bed kit is designed for the 4′ by 8′ lower trough/sump and the 4′ by 4′ media bed.
      It could be re-worked to perhaps make a larger bed but it would probably be more cost effective to contact me with the details of the bed you want to make so that I could spec out the appropriate parts to make your trough specifically. The Liner is the Duraskrim 20ww which I also sell separately Duraskrim

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