Ultra Scrim FGC

Ultraskrim FGC

There are two types of Ultra Skrim Available. For Food Grade Liner stay on this page. For Basic white string reinforced liner Ultra Skrim SR Ultra Scrim FGC is a new technology liner that is FDA Compliant, Food Grade, 100% recyclable and incredibly strong due to its multi-axial grid reinforcement. What separates this lines from . . . → Read More: Ultra Scrim FGC

Ultra Skrim SR Aquaponic Liner

There are two different types of Ultra Skrim Liner available.

For those of you who just want the basic white string reinforced liner stay on this page. For those who want the Food Grade liner, Ultra Skrim FGC. 20mil Ultra Scrim SR White/White

20mil Ultra Skrim SR White/white

Ultra Scrim SR or “string . . . → Read More: Ultra Skrim SR Aquaponic Liner