Workshop Dec 11/12, 2010

A workshop to get some hands on AP experience expanding my 300 gallon Aquaponics system. It currently has 3, 100 gallon grow beds and I’m going to add 3 more. This system uses an Aquaponics Indexing Valve, this will allow me to have 600 gallons of grow bed without running my fish in a 300 gallon fish tank dry.

I intend to have all the parts ready to go before the event.

Day one, will be placing the new grow beds, the importance of leveling the supports and then plumbing, supply, drain, gravel guards and stand pipes. I’m sure we will start washing some gravel on day one for those who can’t attend both.

Day two, gravel washing and filling the beds. gravel washing is an important right of passage into DIY aquaponics and even the pros using the clay balls rinse the media before hooking up the system. This is your chance for initiation.
Please stop by the discussion and let me know if there is anything in particular you are interested in.

Again, December 11 and 12 2010 from 10am-4pm planning a pot luck lunch and we can discuss, answer questions and teach while we digest the lunch.

I will update this even page more as the details get nailed down. Maps and directions will come closer to the event.

Event link and map/contact info

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  • TCLynx

    How closely related are you looking for. I will be adding blog posts daily to this web site. There are several already starting to chronicle the original construction of my Big Aquaponics System “How it all Started”
    Then there is a post about the initial construction of the 300 gallon system which the workshop will be expanding.
    300 gallon system initial build

    Do these qualify as the kind of related articles you are interested in?

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