5-Day Intensive Aquaponics Commercial Farm Training February 24th thru the 28th

The Aquaponics Institute presents

5-Day Intensive Aquaponics Commercial Farm Training

February 24th thru the 28th

Five full Days Include
11 In-depth Classes
6 Hands-on Workshops
4 Evening Presentations
3 Meals per day Included
12 Industry – Instructors
Live Wireless Spanish Interpreting

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Commercial Farm Training at Ouroboros Farms

Ouroboros Farms Commercial Training

Practical Aquaponics

Murray Hallam of Practical Aquaponics
Murray Hallam of Practical Aquaponics is the Teaching Team leader for this intensive 5-day training, the most comprehensive Commercial Farm Course offered in Aquaponics today. The training will be held at Ouroboros Farms, in Pescadero, California. This training combines the perspective of a commercial farm in its birthing process with the in-depth knowledge of established industry experts. At this point in its development, Ouroboros Farms creates a perfect learning opportunity for anyone interested in what makes a commercial farm tick. Our first and second systems are growing beautiful produce, while a third is under construction, making the layout, plumbing and lining very easy to see and understand.

Ouroboros Farms

Ouroboros Farms
The Ouroboros Farms team will be leading workshops and classes on building and managing their farms.

The farms’ current operation is 20,000 sq. ft. and will expand to a total of 100,000 sq. ft. within a six-acre greenhouse imported from Holland. All produce is grown using organic and permaculture farming methods. Aquaponics uses approximately 90% less water than soil-based farming, but none of the chemical-based fertilizer or pest controls allowed in traditional organic farming. All our water is rain harvested or sourced from a nearby natural spring. All produce-related byproduct is vermicomposted and used to supplement fish-based nutrients in the form of aerated vermicompost tea.

In-depth Classes

Aquaponics 101 – Learn the basics from the best in the business.

Design Aquaponics to Make a Profit – Plan for Productivity.

Plants – Discover commonly-grown plants and their specific needs, focusing on crop testing, selection, propagation, and harvesting.

Fish – Discuss the how-and-why of fish selection, care requirements, preventing problems, treatments, humane handling and marketability.

Insect Pest Management – Explore amazing macro photography to reveal the insect pests you’re most likely to come across in aquaponics. Learn how to best deal with pests using the aquaponics-safe IPM principles.

Micro-Bio Bacteria – Grasp the micro world of Aquaponics.

Plumbing – Learn how to lay out and plumb the parts together, illustrated in an Aquaponics system, taking the fear out of cutting and gluing pipes.

Artificial Lighting & Heat Transfer – Gain basic-to-advanced knowledge on artificial lighting, focusing on energy efficiency. We’ll detail plant-specific needs, proper selection, positioning of lighting components, and implementations such as automated movers, air/water cooling, and heat transfer systems.

Sales – Turn crops to cash professionally with marketing tools. Each market bears challenges as well as triumphs, being prepared for each is key to long term success.

Water Chemistry – Learn the basics of water chemistry, as well as its more complex elements, including how to measure and manage water in an aquaponics environment.

Farm Management – Gain farm team management skills that require good communication, setting short and long term goals, as well as knowing yourself and defining your meaning of success.

Tribal Circle – Build it forward with Murray and Ouroboros Farms team.

Hands-On Workshops
Tour of the Ouroboros Farms
Build A Small-Scale Aquaponics Hybrid System
Build the IBC Tote Hybrid System with a Rail Bed
How to Build the Ouroboros Farms System
Daily Operation of the Ouroboros Farms
Compost Creation and Usage in Aquaponics

Evening Presentations
Who We Are and Why We Are Here
Greenhouses for Aquaponics
Evening with Murray
Fruiting & Flowering Crops in Aquaponics

For Registration click here     For Lodging  Stillheart Institute
For a PDF version of this information  AI training Announcement
For a Spanish version of this information AI_training_Announcement-Spanish

To learn more about the training contact:
Michael Cosmo – 352-201-6605  –  Michael@PlanetStewards.com

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