So I’m testing out a new grow media. Let me call it Aquagrowlite for now.
Anyway, it is a light weight media That I have been testing out for only a short time now, However, washing a truck load of it is faster than washing a truck load of river rock of the same size and hauling it is definitely easier on the body.
Having never personally used Hydroton I can’t really compare but so far we think we like the Aquagrowlite and will be getting more here in the near future.
If anyone else in central Florida things they want a load, let me know so the next time I hitch up the dump trailer I can see about delivering it to you as well. Just beware that scheduling for delivery will be the trickiest part since I can’t always get access to the trailer when I’m available to do the delivery so leave extra time for scheduling.

The Aquagrowlite costs more per ton than the 1/2″ brown river rock but it is also lighter weight and around Central Florida it will cost less than products that have to be shipped in by the pallet load (like clay balls.) The price varies as will delivery costs so contact me for a quote since the price will depend on your location as well as the current costs for the media. The Aquagrowlite requires rinsing as do all media in my opinion. Our standard washing procedures are to use some plastic mesh plant baskets and some bins with water (set them up at the correct height so swishing takes place without bending, this will save your back) and swish in a bin then in the next bin then place media in the grow bed.

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4 comments to Aquagrowlite

  • Joshua S

    I’m about to build my IBC system in St. Pete, FL. The grow bed will only be ~4X4, so I don’t need a lot. Let me know cost/timing of delivery.


    • TCLynx

      Hi Joshua,
      I’m not quite set up to sell it yet. I’m only just in the process of moving to the new farm. However, when I do get my load of media, do you want me to order extra so you can come get it (the new farm is in Yalaha, FL 34797?) It will be some time before I’m really prepared to ship or deliver media in bags or anything.

  • Larry Sumlin

    How much for a truck load ? Can we come over and see your place and get a load then ? can WE help in transportation ? Call me, ***-***-****, or email let me know. I love your pic of the new place…Larry

    • TCLynx

      I sent you an e-mail.

      How much is a Truck Load? It sells by the ton (1 ton of the 1/2″ stuff = about 1.33 cubic yard) How big is your truck?

      I don’t have any bulk media on site for sale, I ran out of funds for a tractor/bobcat so I would have no way of loading it except by hand with a bucket. (As you can imagine I would charge a lot for it then.)

      You can still visit me, contact me to schedule a time (currently I’m doing the weekly farm tours/you pick times on Sunday Afternoon from 3-4:30 pm.

      Perhaps in the future I will have bulk media here and a tractor with which to load it but not yet.
      I am also working on getting an extra screened acid rinsed bagged media to sell but I don’t have an eta on that yet either.

      Can You help with Transportation? Maybe, do you have a big truck that you are not scared to have a big front end loader dump rocks on it? Or do you have a trailer you can haul gravel in? I might be able to arrange for you to pick up your own media at the yard but I can’t really publish a price since that tends to change monthly with fuel prices so contact me to discuss it further. I may also have a delivery driver who can haul up to 5 ton. I would need to know the delivery address in order to get a quote on the delivery charges since it will involve calculating fuel and time for the entire multi-stop round trip for the driver.

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