Aquaponics System for Sale-David Owens

I have a friend who is moving and needs to sell his current Aquaponics system.

Looking to sell my Aquaponics system as I am moving out of state. I can deliver within Michigan, Chicago area and northern Indiana.


I have a completely organic aquaponic system for sale. System includes (2) 175gallon Tanks and (2) 250 gallon tanks (2) 400watt heaters, 2 water pumps and 1 six channel aquaponic indexing valve, 1 photostat timer, 10 month old Blue Nile tilapia as well as pvc, uniseals, 2″ netpots, fish food and everything you need to get started. The system I set up is both a media bed system and a deep water culture, raceway system. This proven growing system will provide you with lots of veggies and protein as well. Last year I grew tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, cabbage, broccoli, onions, peas, carrots, squashes, herbs and lots of other vegetables. The system is excellent for food security and grows food faster and better tasting then all of my years of organic gardening in soil!
Serious inquiries only please

System no longer available

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