BIOMIN IRON 5-0-0 18% Chelated Iron

BIOMIN IRON 5-0-0 18% Chelated Iron

This Chelated Iron Product has 5% water soluble Organic Nitrogen so keep that in mind if using in an aquaponic system.

contains nitrogen and chelated iron for soil and/or foliar applications. It is completely bioavailable and non-phytotoxic to plants when applied in accordance to directions.
BIOMIN IRON is designed to prevent and correct iron deficiency and to boost crops during critical or fast growing periods.
BIOMIN IRON may be applied with nitrogen fertilizers.

BioMin  Chelated Iron Lable

BioMin Chelated Iron Lable

I have been using this brand of Chelated Iron in my Aquaponic systems this year with good results. My fish Stocking is quite low so the added nitrogen is not a problem, rather it is a benefit in this case.

Most Aquaponic Systems require the supplementation of Iron and chelated Iron is recommended.

More about Biomins
Biomins are bioavailable organic plant nutrients resulting from a unique chelation of mineral nutrients with a blend of Glycine and natural organic acids. This unique chelation process enables plants to better utilize nutrients.

Chelation is a natural process. Cationic nutrients will, upon entering plant cells, form chelates with organic acids such as citric acid, malonic acid, and some amino acids. This chelation process will then prevent precipitation of absorbed nutrients and enable them to move freely inside the plant.

Glycine is a naturally occurring amino acid chelating agent. Glycine is the best of the amino acids capable of chelation, partly because it is the smallest and therefore most mobile. Glycine chelates, and especially those of the cations iron, zinc, manganese, and copper have been well studied and documented by researchers.

Chelation in soil increases availability to plants. Organic substances in the soil either applied or produced by plants and microorganisms are the natural chelating agents. Chelates in the soil act as carriers for nutrients by shuttling nutrients into the plant, by releasing the nutrients, and then returning to the soil to repeat the process.

The Benefits of Chelation:

Increases the availablility of nutrients
Prevents mineral nutrients from forming insoluble precipitates
Reduces the roxicity of some metal ions to plants
Prevents nutrients from leaching
Increases the mobility of plant nutrients
Suppresses the growth of some plant pathogens

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