Channel Catfish Fingerlings August 2015

We picked up a batch of Channel Catfish Fingerlings this week.

So for those in the area who want to get a small quantity of fingerlings for your AP systems, I have fish available at this price for the next two months or until I run out. After two months I adjust price based on size and how long I’ve had them.

If you want to get some, contact me to arrange for a pickup time. You will need to bring a large cooler or other container (storage bins work too) that I can put 5 gallons of water in, AND some form of aeration that you can operate on the drive home (battery powered aerator or an aquarium air pump and an inverter to run it in the car as well as the tubing and air stone to get the air into the water.)

I can do cash, check or credit card at the farm or if you like you can pre-pay online through paypal.

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