Duck A Ponics

So this isn’t quite aquaponics but Duckaponics.  See the kiddie pool or whatever else we would use to give water to the ducks would get so nasty so fast and hand to be dumped and washed every other day and was such a waste of water.  So when a neighbor brought us an old galvanized stock tank that needed patching, I decided it would be good for a duck-a-ponics system.  Seeing as galvanized tanks are not good for fish anyway so here we go.

The old leaking liner from the monster bed got re-purposed for the duck river and the pump is down in the end of the bed.  Pumps up to the water tanks which siphon down into the stock tank duck pond which drains down the length of the duck bed river to percolate back to the pump.  The pump only runs part of each hour but the water seems to stay pretty clear anyway.  If I net off a portion of the duck river I can start plants for the birds to eat when I uncover them.  They don’t last long though.

Here are the young ducks enjoying their pond

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