Ever changing

To show how fast things change, look at this picture from just a short time ago.

Aquaponic  Rail and tower troughs

Aquaponic Rail and tower troughs

That picture wasn’t taken very long ago. It was after we moved the pond plants from the old place so they looked all droopy just dumped into the water bed.

So here just a few weeks later

Aquaponic Tower and pond Plants grown

Aquaponic Tower and pond Plants grown

Come visit us for our farm tours Saturdays from 1-4 from 8/11/12-9/15/12 and see for yourself how fast things change.

Or come join us for the Practical Aquaponics for Everyone workshop and be a part of making things change.

Projects underway on the farm daily. Building and upgrading as well as cleaning, and planting.

Aquaponics is a great way to grow, automatically watered, automatically fertilized. Just feed the fish, plant and harvest. Grow more food with every drop of water used from a tiny micro system that could be little more than a fish bowl and some basil to backyard systems that keep the family in fresh in season veggies or even commercial scale aquaponics to sell produce and supply the neighborhood with fresh fish. Aquaponics can be many different things.

Media beds with sequencing valve

Media beds with sequencing valve

I specialize in Sequencing or Indexing the flow to multiple grow beds and I can even do it with gravity pressure. I have the most experience using gravity modified and low pressure indexing valves and controlling them.

We have media beds, Vertical Zipgrow towers, water plant beds and at the workshop Murray’s “Flow Media” system will be installed which is a combination of media bed and raft bed/sump.

I can teach how to build a system where the only power tool required is a drill.

I think everyone should grow some of their own food and aquaponics is a grand way to do that.

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