Expanded Market Booth Plus Fish

This weekend is an extravaganza weekend at the market so hopefully we get lots of business. We added a fish tank and there are now 6 goldfish and 1 koi in residence in the Market system. Currently running with 20 towers and a flood and drain tray along with the IBC fish tank. Using a Danner MD18 pump for the towers and fish tank circulation/aeration and a little 20 watt pump on a timer to flood the seedling table.

Hopefully this weekend turns out to be worth all the trouble.

1 comment to Expanded Market Booth Plus Fish

  • “Oh no that can’t be real, she just bought a whole bunch of Romaine lettuce and musta GLUED it on those tubes…”
    You’re putting a very good public face on aquaponics there. It looks positively yummy.
    All I’d add is a looping AP infomercial or PowerPoint projected on the wall back in the shed. Stimulate some quiet thought.

    (And out front, draw ’em in with a fiddler and a couple of dancers. I’ll be the fiddler.)

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