Happy New Year

It is New Years Eve and I don’t have anything particular wanting to be written at the moment. Sometimes ideas come wanting to get out and other times I see a need to share some particular topic. At the moment, none of that is coming to mind.

So, here is a picture of the aquaponics system from the opposite side of the calendar.

June 26 2009

June 26 2009

Summer before last when the system was lush and full of tomatoes and basil. Right now the system looks a little lacking with all the warm weather stuff frozen back and most of the cool weather crops still just small plants.

Lettuce is doing great this time of year, especially in the towers against the east wall of the house.

I have some projects to do for the big aquaponics system. The old duckweed bed that I turned into a gravel bed (it is the last lumber and liner bed left) has begun leaking and will need to be upgraded soon. I also have some plans in mind for some fish feed rearing facilities to hook up to the aquaponics system. Perhaps growing some shrimp or minnows or both for feeding to the catfish, chickens and ducks.

We need to harvest some catfish here soon. Perhaps I need to do some videos of catching and cleaning fish. For that matter I could probably do some of processing chickens and ducks here in the near future for those interested in backyard farming. Killing and dressing one’s own food is a rather big step for some people, being able to watch some videos can help.

We spent most of the day moving brush and wood from some tree cutting/cleaning activities yesterday. Gotta do some safety cleaning of trees here in Florida every so often or there is danger of a hurricane taking the whole big tree down. So now we got some firewood so perhaps I’ll have to make some bio-char some time later this year.

Where does the time go, there are so many projects.

Happy New Year and be safe everybody.

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