Home again

I’m so sick of travel now days so I’m very happy to be back home. Looks like I have work to do outside but all I could do was a quick look around with the flashlight when I got home tonight. I seem to have inherited some new chickens, odd they are tiny, I wonder who thought I needed bantams.

The drain on the duck tank was clogged. Note to other half not to throw big mats of algae from the pond plant tank into the duck tank.

Bluegill did their jumping around trick when I shined the flashlight at their tank. good thing the netting keeps them from jumping out.

Both the tower system and 300 gallon system are low on water, looks like we have not gotten much rain and I’ll need to top up with some well water tomorrow. Bummer.

More lufa to wash. Hopefully towers can be delivered soon. So much to do but it’s still good to be home.

2 comments to Home again

  • Patrick Fenton

    I watched the video of the front garden portion of the aquaponic system. You mentioned briefly the bottle caps helping in control of the green algae. How do these help with the process? Do these help with other kinds of algae?

    • TCLynx

      The bottle caps were really only to help shade the water from the sun a bit to cut down on the amount of algae growing. They are not completely effective but they seemed to help with my problem enough. Simply filling the bed the rest of the way with gravel also works.

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