How it all Started 9, Quarantine 1

installing First quarantine system

installing First quarantine system

So you have an Aquaponics System Running, you already have fish in it and things are going well. What if you want to add more fish? What if the new fish bring a disease or parasite with them?

This is why it is highly recommended to Quarantine new fish before putting them in with the community or even in another tank in the same Aquaponics system. However, I have found that getting a good quarantine system up and running and having it ready for new fish is a challenge. Here are some pictures of my first quarantine system which unfortunately wasn’t completely cycled up before we got fish to go into it. Luckily they were tilapia and tough enough to handle a fair bit of poor water quality and still survive.

One of the challenges of Aquaponics quarantine systems is that they still need to be big enough to support the fish you put in them and they still need enough filtration to keep the water quality good. This is easier if the fish are very small. This quarantine system did work ok for the small tilapia other than the fact that it wasn’t completely cycled up when we got the fish.

Water Cloudy

Water Cloudy

Over the years I will go through several variations on the quarantine system and fingerling tanks. It will greatly depend on the size and number of the fish going into a quarantine system as to how well it will work out. I still don’t believe I’ve come up with a perfect situation, at least for channel catfish fingerlings.

This particular quarantine tank has never worked well for me with new catfish fingerlings.

First  Quarantine System

First Quarantine System

For those who wish to go read the detail version check out my original system thread.
BYAP System Thread Pages 40-47 (May 25-June 12, 2008) are the time frame for this Blog post.

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