I am really updating things finally. At least a little at a time.

We have been hard at work building a hoop house and expanding the systems to grow more produce. Last year I started selling some farm products on Amazon, Mostly just my Capillary matting and the fabric planter bags and hanging basket liners. Now I have finally found a new shop plug in for the web site and am slowly starting to get products updated on my own site after a couple of years of neglect.

I’ve got Dura Skrim 20ww liner available again, so you can order that if you need. I’ve got the standard 6 foot by 100 foot roll listed already but I should be able to do the 6 foot by 50 foot as well as the 12 foot by 50 foot or 100 foot. Be sure to contact me directly if you want to order more than one roll as it will probably be worth it to get custom freight quotes.

Anyway, I will try to keep the momentum up on web site updates/improvements while I continue to juggle everything else on the farm and with family and homeschooling and all.

Here is wishing everyone a safe and improving Holiday Season and New Year.

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