Mid October 2012 update

So far most people who have answered the Tour day survey have voted for Sunday for aquaponic farm tour days.
So, starting this Sunday October 21 2012 The farm tour and Farm sales day will be Sunday and time will be 3 pm if you want the tour. If you want to come buy available produce come between 3 and 4:30 pm

Donations of $10 per person or $20 for a carload of people. Donations can be applied toward purchase. I’m only doing this to keep my time productive, If I spend too many hours per week showing people around I have trouble keeping up with the farm work and I have to pay some one to help me out.

Currently we have some nice aquaponic lettuces and Basil available. Some other herbs. I sell live plants, pond plants and seedlings. There is plenty of aloe, water chestnuts, ornamental taro, papyrus, and duckweed.

Fish (catfish and bluegill) are sold whole, bring your own ice and cooler as I don’t have it to sell yet.

Mosquito fish are available in small quantities, bring a bait bucket to get them home.

If you are interested in any aquaponics supplies or equipment, please contact me ahead of time to see if it is an item I have here on the farm or not since some things I have to order and ship direct from the manufacturer in order to keep prices low.

I’m willing to take pre-orders. Currently I can only take cash/checks here at the farm but pre orders could be arranged through paypal online ahead of time if you need to pay by credit card.

2 comments to Mid October 2012 update

  • joe fisher


    I have recently found out about aquaponics. And instantly was hooked by the idea.

    My girlfriend and i both enjoy gardening together, and we have had a goldfish pond up and running for about 3 years now. I also started a small nft system system that is now running with the pond. :).

    We live in apopka florida, and we would be interested in coming to see your farm!

    We would like to build another separate aquaponics system this spring.

    Which ever sunday date is available we would like to plan a trip out to you. We would also need the addtess to plan this trip.

    Thanks in advance!


    Sorry about any typos, on my phone atm.

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