Moving Starting Tomorrow

And so it begins. Tomorrow we start moving for real.
So much to do and I hate moving but it’s time. Exciting and Daunting.
I believe we will be moving us (all the household belongings) and the chickens/ducks first and then will take a bit more time to set up the aquaponics at the new place and in the mean time I’ll have to be back and forth every day to tend to the Aquaponics until we have a the fish rodeo and move most of the fish in one or two days I expect.

Anyone who wants to buy one of the smaller tower units or packages, now would be a good time to pipe up since I would rather sell them than move them then sell them. I still have the 10 tower rig from market, a 7 tower rig and a 4 tower rig. Of course selling to some one in FL who could come pick it up or have it delivered would be best.
However the 7 tower rig could be shipped in several boxes by FedEx.

Heck, the green 10 tower rig in front of the blue tank is also for sale if anyone wants it, I’ll even sell a complete system with fish tank and sump tank if you want. This would definitely be something for local pick up or delivery as the wood frame is big.

Anyway, gotta run, lots to do.

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