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My old newsletter software in conjunction with my old host just had too many problems, My old mailing lists are gone. If you would like to get back onto any of my mailing lists, please feel free to do so at the following link.
My New lists include

Local Produce,

I expect that to be a weekly mailing and if you are not local to me, I will probably remove you from the list unless you include a note telling me why you want to get the mailing even though you are not in Central FL. If you become a member at our yalaha.locallygrown site then you will probably want to unsubscribe from this list as you will be getting the yalaha.locallygrown notices when the market opens. Only difference is my newsletter will contain the pictures.


This will have weekly mailings at least till I run out of old educational blog posts to send out. Then It may drop to monthly if I don’t find enough time to write weekly. This is the one to sign up for if you are trying to learn about aquaponics.


After the initial couple e-mails, this one should only get new mailings when I add new or update old products.

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