NEW Product FLOUT®


I’m proud to announce a new product for my lineup. Please Welcome the FLOUT® Family

Flout family

Flout family

The FLOUT® Family of Siphon Alternatives.
FLOUT stands for floating outlet.
1, 2, and 3 inch FLOUT® Floating Outlets designed to automatically quickly flush a tank after the level reaches the desired height no matter how slow the inflow might be. As long as the inflow to the tank/bed is slower than the max flow out of the FLOUT and through the pipes, the FLOUT will drain the tank no matter how slow the inflow is. Far more clock work than siphons. Can be used to replace the siphon/bottle flapper valve of a barrel system (no more fishing leaders to break or bottles to clog or flappers to break.) 1″ FLOUT® can be installed directly in grow beds to flood and drain constant inflow beds. 2″ FLOUT® makes a perfect flush tank valve. 3″ FLOUT® is probably a bit large for most average Aquaponics applications but may be appropriate to drain a combined bank of grow beds automatically or for some other specialized applications.

These are a siphon alternative for those who just can’t stand to tinker and adjust flow rates all the time to keep those darn siphons balanced. (I know some siphons just work and no tinkering involved but for the rest of the time or for those designs where there just isn’t enough height to allow the siphon to break easily, the FLOUT® is the option.)

They take a bit more space in a grow bed but they are SO clockwork. And they are definitely a great flush tank alternative. Imagine, it doesn’t matter what size FLOUT® it is, they all will work at very low flow rates. The only real limitation is you can’t flow more water to them than the pipes can carry away by gravity and they won’t make water flow uphill (if you want it to re-float, the water has to drain down at least a tiny bit.)

If people are interested we can get into the advanced applications for the 3″ FLOUT®, like perhaps gray water dosing out to the mulch pits around the fruit trees? Or other water reclamation? But for now, I think the 1 and 2 inch models will be of most interest to Aquapons and the 3″ version will be fun for those who just like to fill up a tank and watch a huge amount of water gush!

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