Occupy Wall Street

Ok, this is totally off topic for me but A friend of mine is writing a blog about Occupy Wall Street. Now shameless plug because it’s a friend and I’m stating that up front, but I’m not posting about this just because of friendship, or because the cause is good. Why I’m really posting, I like the writing. I think he is writing something worthwhile and his writing is good.

So here’s the link Occupy Wall Street

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  • Here’s another reason: it’s a blog by musicians. Musicians know how to work together. Think about it – every halfway decent band is by necessity a high-performing team… those are hard to do in any field.

  • The OWS crowd is against people making money doing what they do. Consequentially, they buy the labor of others to help. It’s their money and OWusses have no right to it. Remember: Pity the poor who keep the rich from being rich, for they eliminate any chance of becoming rich themselves.
    also: The union and entitlement bunch is biting the hand that feeds them. The small business person is biting his hand that feeds him. All whilst the administration in DC feeds us a “hand” that bites us. OWusses wake up. You should be protesting on Pennsylvania Avenue.

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