Of Lumber and Liner

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, June 16, 2010

So why not make grow beds out of wood and pond liner?
In a word.
If you live in a place where termites can’t happen, then check on carpenter ants.

One of the drawbacks with lumber and liner is that all sorts of creepy crawlies get in between the wood and the liner. Wood chewing creatures are no exception and they may not notice the difference between the wood and liner until they have already chewed through it and caused a leak.

I’ve been in the process of replacing my lumber beds with rubbermaid stock thanks for much of the past year.

Benefits of lumber and liner tanks are that you can build to suit a particular size space.

Things to take into account,
1-Wood will tend bow out with the pressure of water and gravel in it.
2-Wood deteriorates in a constantly wet environment like around an aquaponics system.
4-Plumbing through liner and wood can be done but research how to do it before assuming it is the best way to go.
5-Make sure treated wood can’t drip water into any tanks or grow beds as the chemicals used to treat the wood isn’t so good for fish or food systems.
6-make sure the stands won’t provide a path for termites.

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