Raft bed saga continues part 4

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC, Nov 8, 2010

Raft bed saga part 4
Got up this morning to check on the new bed, still leaking but the bowing problem seems solved.

I used the time while that part of the garden was sunny this morning to add the rest of the arches over the bed for holding netting or frost blanket to keep the leave out.

I fear the leaks are not going to be slime healed and the used billboard liner is just so brittle and easy to abrade that I’m either gonna have to turn this into a wicking bed, or get some EPDM to put in it. I must admit that having handled EPDM so much, I was probably not gentle enough with this stuff. I’m not used to walking on egg shells around my pond liner. One has to be really really unlucky to accidentally puncture the heavy duty EPDM pond liner. I’ve dropped knives and tools on it with not a problem. This billboard liner, I fear it would definitely not stand up well to being a gravel bed. So any of you who get one of these for use as fish tank liner or DWC bed liner, hopefully you are lucky and get one that isn’t too old and isn’t as brittle but also be rather careful with it as you place it since rough edges or corners can easily cause tiny leaks.

So here is the shot of the length of the bed showing minimal bowing so that is good.

And I rather like this wire for arches. I’ll probably do more of this around the garden. This winter it may look like the covered wagons have moved in.

And here is one of the wet spots around a leak site (there are several on the other side of the bed.)

This shot is all blurry but you can see the shiny wetness showing it is more than just seeping but actually spraying out.

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