Second Market Day

Ok day two. Again, didn’t make much money at the market directly but I think I made some impressions and I may hear back from a couple people, I hope.

You can see in the pictures some changes I made to the truck canopy and I have yet a few more changes in mind to make it easier and perhaps possible for one person to manage alone.

I’m planning on going again this coming weekend since you can’t expect to make much impact with just one try.

2 comments to Second Market Day

  • The truck door sign is missing?

    People can’t get much fresher than picking it themselves… while at the farmers market. A cool concept!

    Hopefully things take off for you soon and make going to market worthwhile.

    • TCLynx

      Didn’t get the door signs till the second weekend.

      Well, can’t get any fresher unless they take the hole tower home and pick it right before they eat it. But this is an option too, we can sell or set up systems at or even in homes and they can get towers that they swap out every week, or perhaps even pay for delivery weekly of their own custom garden.

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