Aquaponics Training-TCLynx-Manual-RailBedSystemPlumbing-2013

Liner in rail bed rig

TCLynx, Workshop-Rail Bed System Plumbing

Version August 2013 Aquaponic Lynx LLC TCLynx Aleece B. Landis

11 pages of Pictures, diagrams and explanations detailing this small basic system plumbing including pump and air pump sizing recommendations. This is the 2nd manual that goes with the Rail Bed System Build manual.

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Aquaponics Training-TCLynx-Manual-RailBedSystemBuild-2013

Hybred Rail Bed Rigs

Those rail beds I have advertized and shown off

Rail bed rig aquaponic system componenets

Well here is the manual that goes with them in case you want to go ahead and build one for yourself. (by the way, I will include the e-manual to anyone who buys a rail bed rig or the . . . → Read More: Aquaponics Training-TCLynx-Manual-RailBedSystemBuild-2013