Testing out Nate’s Towers

Originally posted by TCLynx on AGC on May 28, 2010

I don’t really have a “system thread” here but I wanted to share my excitement about testing out some of Nate’s vertical system components.

I’ve been trying to work out some good method of going vertical on my front porch and Nate finally provided a solution.
Here are some pictures of the start of my test. Currently this is hooked into my “big system” but once I give the towers time to get some bio-filtration established in them, I’ll cut the 100 gallon fingerling tank and the 4 towers loose from the main system and see how they do on their own. At the moment the fingerling tank has about 66 small catfish fingerlings residing in it.

Update as of 6/2/2010

Porch tower system is still running tied into the main system.
Most of the plants seem to have recovered from the transplant and are growing. Strawberries are the exception, seems they should be in a tower that is angled rather than hanging straight down so as to keep their crowns dryer.
Cucumbers are doing well I think except for the fact that I have a huge squash bug/stink bug population sucking on them. I might have to pull out the dust buster since even if I did use chemicals, they don’t work against stink bugs very well. The bugs of course are not the fault of the towers, they are all over the garden on stuff in dirt and the other parts of the AP system too.
The Basil has visibly grown.
So far so good. I should really go get some proper hanging hardware since right now half the towers are on string from the hooks and the others on wires.

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