Trellis Netting

Trellis Netting

Trellis Netting

Heavy duty, long lasting polyester trellis netting features 5″ reach-through mesh that allows the trellis to handle more weight, remain taut, and provide strong support for growing crops.


5′ wide x 30′ long
Soft, non-burning polyester mesh protects tender vines, foliage, and fruits
Reduces damage from ground-rot, insects, rodents, and garden pests
Produces bigger, healthier, and earlier harvests
Increases harvest from small garden spaces and keeps produce clean
Ideal for tomatoes, beans, grapes, clematis, sweet peas, and other vining plants

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2 comments to Trellis Netting

  • barry

    Was wondering if you had any pictures of the trellis netting? I wanted to create a sceened in area, like a greenhouse for pests and was wondering if this product would do. Its hard to tell with just a picture of the bag.

    • TCLynx

      The trellis netting has squares big enough to put your arm through and pick fruit. It is not going to keep pests out of a greenhouse unless you are talking about large animals (in which case bird netting would probably be longer lasting and more appropriate.

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