Uniseal Install Tool

Coming Soon.
I will be offering a uniseal install tool and instructions on how to more easily install the large uniseals.
I had to come up with this method when I was far too pregnant to push pipes into the 4 inch uniseals and I have been using this method ever since.
The tool can be used for any size uniseals simply by getting an extra T fitting of the correct size and drilling a hole in it.
I need to figure out which sizes to ship the tool for so if you have a request please let me know. (Or perhaps I need to work out pricing for the basic tool parts and then separate prices to add on the different sizes.)
Keep in mind, larger sizes will greatly impact the shipping price for the tool.
I plan to add pictures and video to go with the tool. Perhaps the video will be available as a download with the purchase of the tool.

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