What Next

What comes next after the first fish dinner? There are still over two years left between that first fish dinner and my Aquaponic Experience up till now. Challenge is figuring out how to organize all that into something readable to post here. I am working to sort through pictures and organize all the info into blog length bites to share here.

And how am I to keep up the here and now with what goes on in my 1/3rd acre sub-urban farm as well as updating everyone with the past three years of Aquaponics adventures, it is quite the challenge.

Does anyone have any special requests about what they wish to hear of next? Or any special interests or questions they wish me to expound upon? Aquaponics can be quite easy but it is at the same time complex. There are many ways to do things and no one method will be “best” for all situations.

I am already loosing track of what I’ve already written about and need to go refresh my memory to see what topics still need attention (I know there are many.)

Anyway, here is some foreshadowing for those who have not been following my systems on BYAP.
As of December 2010
Big system
1400 gallons of media filled grow beds
700 gallons of fish tank
85 Channel Catfish

Front porch
100 gallons of media filled grow bed
100 gallons of fish tank
54 minnows

bio-filters/NFT pipe
10 gallon aquarium
9 minnows

300 gallon system (backyard)
300 gallons of grow beds (soon to upgrade to 600)
300 gallon of fish tank
30 channel catfish

I no longer have any tilapia as two winters in a row were too cold to keep them alive without supplemental heating even in a greenhouse in central Florida so this year the greenhouse is gone and so are the tilapia. We actually like the taste of catfish better and they are easier to clean and get bigger faster with our normal water temperature range and will survive, eat, and grow without heating here.

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