Aquaponics In a Nutshell

Want to see me write the Basic Aquaponics Quick reference book?
Aquaponics in a Nutshell

Help fund me and maybe I can make it happen. I just launched my Kickstarter Project.

I’m Aleece B. Landis and I’m addicted to Aquaponics. I’m perhaps better known as TCLynx online and I’ve been quite active over the past several years on several online aquaponics sites. I got into aquaponics on a backyard scale back in 2007 and have ample backyard aquaponics experience to go along with my technical skills so in the past couple years I have gone on to start teaching plumbing and system design/layout skills for home scale aquaponics. Last year I bought a farm and we moved the aquaponics last summer. In the book I hope to produce I will be explaining how these different types of systems work and why and how you can do it for yourself.

Here is a link to one of my old YouTube videos from the old house so you can see what I’ve been up to.

and here is a link to my YouTube Channel

I’ve had people urge me to write a book about aquaponics in the past but I could never afford to take enough time off from work to write it. So now that Kickstarter is available, Perhaps I can make it happen. “Aquaponics In a Nutshell by the Aquaponic Nutcase TCLynx” is to be a basic aquaponics quick reference manual for those who want to grow food in their own backyard (basement, balcony, greenhouse etc) to help feed themselves and family. This book is meant to be as basic, short and succinct as possible while still providing information about all types of aquaponics that people are likely to want to try for home food production. I believe aquaponics should be inclusive and just because some method doesn’t work well for me doesn’t mean it can’t work elsewhere. I will try to highlight the pros and cons of different methods and explain why or where they may be appropriate and where they would not. I will try to share ways of looking at things that will allow readers to evaluate different aquaponic system designs and methods for their own specific situations. And of course I will cover Aquaponic Plumbing from very simple to somewhat complex.

This will fit the bill of a quick reference guide for basic backyard/home aquaponics so those people who hate to read books but want to find all the information quickly can do so. I will still include the details and stories to explain the whys for those people willing to read more of a book but I will make this book as easy as possible to look up quickly needed information.

As I said, I’m very active writing about aquaponics and helping people so the truth is, most of the actual writing for the book is already done. If funded, I plan to concentrate on compiling all my writings through the end of June. July will be for organizing them into a logical and useful book and filling in any gaps. August will be for editing the project. And I hope to have formatting and any necessary production finished by the end of September. I did leave some breathing room on my November expected delivery date so if I can deliver during October, I will.
Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The primary challenge to my completing this project so far has been that I have to make a living and haven’t been able to take enough time to put it all together. With some backing I should be able to put the time necessary into completing the project. The research is already done, I’ve been doing aquaponics for years now and helping others as well. I’ve already written most of what will go into the book and other offered publications, what will actually take the most time is compiling, organizing, and editing all the materials I’ve already produced and putting them all into an organized and usable format.

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