One Day Left for Aquaponics In a Nutshell

Aquaponics In a Nutshell

Only a day left to make it a reality. Really looks like a long shot now.

Final Weekend and only at 15% funded
Update #4 · Jun 7, 2013

Thank you to everyone who has already pledged support and thank you to anyone else who does before the campaign ends on Sunday June 9th.

I’m a Realist though and I want to let you know that if this doesn’t get funded, you won’t be charged. I have to reach full funding before anyone spends any money.

If funding isn’t successful there are some of the rewards that I will still be able to make available through my web site in the coming week. The full quick reference book will not be one of them, I will not have the time or money to work on that in the near future if funding isn’t successful. But the Rail bed build manual, and the rail bed build kits and the full rail bed rigs will be available for purchase. So watch my site for further developments

Again, if the campaign does not reach full funding, you will not be charged. I will not have access to the money so you can’t just tell me to keep it anyway. If you want to go buy something that I do have available you will have to go to my web site and do it as a separate transaction.

Maybe the book will happen someday but I guess I need to take some courses in marketing before trying again.

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