Exciting new prices on liner

Dura-Skrim 20 WW Liner
Thought I’d let everyone know that I’m set up to sell the Liner I use in my Rail bed rigs

Liner in rail bed rig

Just installed liner into small rail bed rig

Now I still need information from you to get you an accurate shipping quote but please feel free to contact me for that, I’m usually very quick to get back to people.
Liner Prices

4 comments to Exciting new prices on liner

  • I would like a price on 4@ 12′ x 20’liners.
    And 4@ 6′ x 20′.

    Thank you
    G Lee Smith

    • TCLynx

      The liners come in 6′ wide rolls or 11.5′ wide.
      FYI if we cut it into 4 pieces of the size you ask for, it will cost more in shipping since each piece gets rolled onto a tube which adds weight to the shipping so I would suggest that perhaps you actually want me to get you a price on one piece of each width.

  • Don M

    I’d be interested in a piece ~10’x15′ shipped to 84005

    • TCLynx

      I don’t have a roll of the 11.5′ wide liner in stock right now so cutting a piece for you would take a couple weeks from when you ordered it. Right now the Liner would cost $99.95 for a 11.5′ by 15′ and the Fed Ex shipping would be about $50 to a residential address in that zipcode

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